Utilities for time manipulation.

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convert(value, sourceUnit, [destinationUnit]):Number #

Converts time between units.

Available units: millisecond, second, minute, hour, day, week. Abbreviations: ms, s, m, h, d, w.

We do not support year and month as a time unit since their values are not fixed.

The default destinationUnit is ms.

convert(1, 'minute');    // 60000
convert(2.5, 's', 'ms'); // 2500
convert(2, 'm', 's');    // 120
convert(500, 'ms', 's'); // 0.5

now():Number #

Returns the number of milliseconds elapsed since 1 January 1970 00:00:00 UTC. Uses Date.now() if available.


now(); // 1335449614650

parseMs(ms):Object #

Parse timestamp (milliseconds) into an object {milliseconds:number, seconds:number, minutes:number, hours:number, days:number}.


// {days:27, hours:4, minutes:26, seconds:5, milliseconds:454}

toTimeString(ms):String #

Convert timestamp (milliseconds) into a time string in the format "[H:]MM:SS".


toTimeString(12513);   // "00:12"
toTimeString(951233);  // "15:51"
toTimeString(8765235); // "2:26:05"

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